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1. dimensions of garage: L mm . H mm . D mm . CL mm . CR mm . HR mm .

Control and opening device ° (standard 90° )   Safety and signalization accessories ° (standard 90° )

finish of columns and overhead lintel mm
Finished floor: yes no thichkness of new floor finish: mm
insulation/finish of ceiling: mm

2. second lintel ( виж. фиг 2) : no yes    H1: mm    HR1 mm    T mm

3. material of columns: brick concrete metal wood

4. Material of headrom lintels: brick concrete metal wood

5. Intensity of usage: Numbers of cycles per day

6.Second door(entrance) to the garage: yes no

7. Emergency key release (obligatory if there is no second door in the garage) : yes no

8. colour of garage door
outside: white (RAL9003) wod imitation
inside: white (RAL9003) wod imitation

9. Windows:
window 635 х 330 mm(max 1 window each linear meter)
window type :Full Vision” (part of the garage door panels are fully visible)

10. Pass door – position: left right in the middle

11. Control and opening device: remote control pcs.remote control

12. Safety and signalization accessories: flash lamp photocells EN