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Automatic gates, barriers and garage doors

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CEA BULGARIA Ltd. is a modern, socially responsible organization that strives to be an attractive employer, based on the following principles:
Appointment of motivated people wishing to become part of a team of CEA BULGARIA Ltd., which contribute to the success of the organization with professional knowledge and personal qualities;
Maintaining consistently high standards of performance through increased efficiency of training and ensuring stable development of staff;
Development and establishment of a professional organization that encourages individual initiative and responsibility, creativity and innovation.
In today's competitive environment, CEA BULGARIA Ltd. strives to attract and retain talented employees by applying modern management and human resource development.
Training and Development
The training and development are in direct contact with the environment (globalization, new technologies and trends in the industry) and have made a major contribution to efficiency and growth objectives.
Training in the organization is in two main directions:
Interior - training, covering the traditions and culture of the organization.
Training related to the acquisition or improvement knowledge and skills of staff.
How to tell if you are suited for positions in CEA BULGARIA LTD?
CEA BULGARIA LTD has a clear policy regarding the appointment of new staff. The organization offers opportunities for professional development, training, compensation and advancement on the basis of contribution and performance.
If you have a proper education, motivation, communication and ambition and want to develop professionally and work in a dynamic environment - SEA BULGARIA Ltd. is a place for you